hummel unveils exclusive sneaker with European football clubs

The Danish sportswear brand hummel proudly presents the launch of the VM78 CPH MS x Pro Clubs Sneakers, an exclusive reinterpretation of the iconic VM78 silhouette designed specifically for a selection of hummel’s biggest football clubs across Europe

In an era where football and fashion seamlessly converge, hummel takes the lead by providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to express unwavering loyalty to their clubs through the exclusive VM78 trainers.

This release marks a fresh perspective on the iconic heritage silhouette, delivering a contemporary take on a timeless classic, allowing fans to carry their passion for their favourite clubs wherever they go.

Blending tradition with a modern flair, these limited-edition sneakers will be showcased across hummel’s major football clubs in Europe, symbolizing the brand’s dedication to innovation and legacy during its 100th-anniversary celebrations.

Already making waves with Everton, Real Betis, FC Köln, and St. Etienne, the VM78 sneaker is set to expand its footprint, with hummel planning to progressively include more of its prestigious clubs in the near future.

“Taking inspiration from our rich heritage, we have created a style that resonates with football and fashion enthusiasts globally. Our designs capture the essence of club, culture, and lifestyle, enabling fans to showcase their support and foster a sense of unity. This underlines our ability to merge our clubs with a lifestyle approach, providing a unique and appealing experience for all, a theme that we will continue to explore in the years ahead,” said hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen.

Originally spotted on the court during one of the biggest sporting events in 1978, the VM78 sneaker has evolved into a cult icon. A shoe of age but committed to being a classic, and now reintroduced by hummel with a fresh perspective, paying homage to the enduring legacy of influential football clubs.

Whether worn by athletes or everyday individuals, this timeless sneaker is designed to withstand the test of time and is available for purchase at the respective clubs’ online shops.

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