hummel unveils specially designed Equality Jersey in collaboration with seven international football

To mark its 100th anniversary, the renowned Danish sportwear brand hummel has once more stepped forward in championing the cause of equity and unity in the world of sports.

In collaboration with seven prominent football clubs, including Real Betis, Las Palmas, Everton, Southampton, Coventry City, FC Köln, and Brøndby IF, hummel introduces a limited-edition Equality Jersey. This jersey symbolizes a century of unwavering dedication to the brand’s core values of diversity and inclusivity.

The design of the Equality Jersey is inspired by the iconic Denmark ’86 jersey, a template that has also been featured across many of hummel’s clubs throughout the season as a tribute to their anniversary. With its eye-catching and vibrant colour scheme, this jersey is designed to raise awareness and inspire positive change.

“This jersey is more than just a piece of sportswear; it’s a symbol of our enduring commitment to equality and unity. Equality is a cornerstone of our brand’s ethos, and we are immensely proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with seven of our biggest football clubs to promote this important agenda,” said hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen. “In the world of sports, we’re all equal – regardless of our backgrounds, gender, or beliefs. It is not only acceptable but also commendable to embrace our differences and be true to ourselves. Through our Equality Jersey, we aim to unite coaches, players, and fans from different clubs, spotlighting this essential value and sparking positive change in our sports community and beyond.”

As part of the campaign, several participating clubs will be wearing the Equality Jersey as their warm-up shirt for home games on the weekends of September 30th/1st October or October 7th/8th, creating a powerful statement of unity and inclusivity.

Each of the participating clubs will also be involved in a series of activities dedicated to advancing the cause of equality. Among these initiatives are plans for clubs to retail the Equality Jersey or auction the warm-up jerseys worn during the campaign, with all proceeds directed towards supporting local equality-focused projects.

The limited-edition Equality Jersey will be available for purchase online on the participating clubs’ platforms starting at 10am on September 26.

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