Hussle’s McDonald’s partnership leads to massive spike in people interacting with gyms

The collaboration between McDonald’s and Hussle this summer has led to a massive rise in the number of people looking at gyms via the platform. In addition, nearly all of these were people that had never visited gyms through Hussle before.

The MONOPOLY promotion, which put Hussle’s 2,000 gym partners in front of more than seven million McDonald’s customers, created a 71% increase in visits to gyms listed on its platform. In addition, 87% of customers were new to the marketplace, having never visited Hussle’s gym partners before.

Jamie Owens, Director of Fitness Partnerships at Hussle, says: “This is the first time a gym offering has been included in the annual McDonald’s giveaway and it has created unprecedented exposure for the fitness industry. These are people viewing the details of a specific gym on our platform and reading about what they have to offer. It represents a significant increase in brand awareness for the gyms listed, proving that thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing can be hugely positive for the industry.”

The McDonald’s campaign also had a big impact in diversifying the location of customers. Typically, London and the South East get the most customers through Hussle. During the promotion, gyms in the North West of England were the biggest winners – the percentage of customers using the Hussle marketplace through McDonalds doubled from 7% to 14%, while the West Midlands and North East of England saw comparable gains.

Interestingly, the average age of customers was lower through McDonald’s – dropping from a 2021 average of 33.5 years old to 28.7 years old. This has opened up a whole new joiner channel in a notoriously tricky age group. There were slightly more females than males, which marks a shift from typical customers that usually use the Hussle platform – an average gender split is 64% male to 36% female. Through McDonalds the split was 48% male and 52% female.

Owens continues: “MONOPOLY at McDonald’s is one of the UK’s largest consumer marketing campaigns and partnering with such a colossal brand presented a unique opportunity for our industry to reach a lot of people quickly, people we may never have reached otherwise. McDonald’s might not be the first brand fitness would think of connecting with but having the confidence to partner with a less obvious brand has, in this instance, led to positive results and valuable exposure for our gym partners.”

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