HYTRO BFR shows strength of blood flow restriction with growth across the fitness industry

Hytro BFR (blood flow restriction), has announced a follow on investment round to continue growth in the strength and recovery market through its patented TechWear garments, proven to increase muscle and speed up recovery

26th October 2021, UK: Hytro BFR, the leaders in Blood Flow Restriction training with their patented TechWear garments, has announced a follow-on fundraising round to expand the business that’s making strong moves in the muscle growth and recovery market, set to be worth $5 billion by 2027.

After a successful funding round earlier in the year, Hytro is looking to secure an additional £1 million in early 2022 to further establish themselves as the leader in BFR training and a leading innovator in the fitness industry. Hytro plan to use the capital to develop new products and expand the team after a fast growth period. Investors from across the fitness sector are already backing the revolutionary brand that is scientifically proven to increase muscle size by 31% and accelerate recovery time by 33%.

Since launching, Hytro has been used by well-respected coaches, practitioners and athletes in elite sports. Leeds Rhinos and St Helens, alongside top performing internationals such as Josh Charnley, Adam Hastings and Dan Norton are just a few examples of those reaping the performance rewards

Hytro is making BFR training accessible to all, something that has previously only been available to elite athletes under supervision. Hytro’s BFR straps trap blood in the muscles causing them to swell and become stressed. This increases muscle fiber activation and up-regulates muscle building hormones, resulting in rapid increases in size and strength, and accelerated recovery.

The success of the training method is making headlines across the globe. Mainstream media publications and national newspapers are tipping this as a rapidly growing trend amongst fitness enthusiasts, featuring Hytro as a pioneering brand delivering products to the consumer market. Queen Mary University of London and Pure Sports Medicine have also concluded that Hytro’s patented TechWear is the first safe and effective way of performing BFR training without clinical supervision.

Raj Thiruchelvarajah, CEO and Co-Founder of Hytro, comments, “BFR training has been around for many years but has yet to go mainstream. The benefits are backed by a substantial body of research but the cumbersome products available have limited its use. At Hytro, we’re enabling everyone from elite athletes to newcomers to build muscle and recover faster with our safe and easy to use patented BFR TechWear. With sales and interest from some of the UK’s biggest professional sports teams, organisations and Olympians, we’re looking forward to continuing our journey to take BFR to the forefront of training.”


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