Ida Sports Football Boots triumph in ISPO Brandnew

ISPO Brandnew is the competition for international start-ups in the sports business.

An interdisciplinary jury of sports experts has selected the three best newcomers in 2022 in the categories “Outdoor, Adventure & Snowsports,” “Performance, Body & Mind,” and “Sports Technology & Platforms.

The Category Winners impressed with unique innovations in the areas of sustainability, design, quality, functionality and technology. The Overall Winner was then chosen by the audience.

Overall winner:

Ida Sports Football Boots triumph in ISPO Brandnew

Ida Sports Football Boots – Designed specifically for the female foot, the Ida’s Classica 22 Women’s Soccer Cleats FG feature a custom toe box to combat pinching and prevent blisters. They also feature a narrower heel counter to prevent foot slippage. The unique placement of the cleats adapts to the female foot and relieves pressure on the soles of the feet.

Category Winners:

Outdoor, Adventure & Snowsports: heat it – a smartphone add-on that eliminates annoying symptoms such as itching after insect bites by supplying heat to the body (hyperthermia). This proven principle of action in combination with the smartphone makes for a smart and compact product. The coupling makes the heat it significantly smaller, smarter and more customizable than conventional products.

Sports Technology & Platforms: 3D Scanner by Covision Media – Customers use the 3D models for various B2B and B2C applications: Virtual-Try-On (VTO), 3D e-commerce, size-and-fit, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the emerging field of virtual photography (2D derived from 3D; replacing traditional photography).

Special Recognition by ALIBABA: amphitex – is a sustainable, 100% recyclable alternative to conventional waterproof breathable textiles (WBTs) commonly used in the outdoor industry. WBTs are multi-layer fabrics: a water-repellent coated face fabric, a waterproof breathable membrane and a moisture-regulating fabric. These layers, often made of different polymers, are bonded together and therefore cannot be separated for recycling but must be disposed of at the end of their life either in landfills or incineration. All layers of Amphitex are made from the same polymer and do not require a chemical DWR coating to be water repellent, as it is naturally superhydrophobic. This creates an innovative and recyclable mono-material solution.

Special Recognition by Globetrotter: BAJAO – Inflatable trekking tent adapted to the needs of stand-up paddlers.It fits any SUP board from 11.6 length and uses the board as a base. The specially designed inflatable frame makes the board a permanent part of the tent. The sidepipes stabilize the board against tipping over on the water. At the same time, they compensate for the difference in height between the board and the ground. Thus, the iSUP not only becomes an insulating mat, but also perfectly compensates for uneven ground. If it’s too uncomfortable when inflated, you simply deflate the board a bit. The sidepipes can be removed, so you can use the tent without SUP as a base directly on the ground like a normal trekking tent. The pack size is small so it can be easily transported on a SUP.

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