IMMAF bid to become recognised as governing body of MMA

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) has submitted its application to SportAccord for official recognition as the international governing body for MMA.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said: “Recognition by SportAccord would mark an important milestone in the development of MMA. Not only would recognition enable IMMAF to bid for MMA to become an Olympic Sport in future, but more crucially it would better enable sport development, the progression of regulation and the implementation of safety measures down to the grassroots level, worldwide.”

Earlier this year, IMMAF submitted its application to the World Anti-doping Agency to become a signatory to the WADA code. With confirmation still pending, acceptance would render IMMAF fully compliant to SportAccord eligibility criteria.

CEO Densign White previously commented: “As IMMAF is already meeting WADA criteria through its current anti-doping programme, and is in fact pushing boundaries in its stringency, we feel confident in our application and see no valid reason why it should not be accepted.”

In support of IMMAF’s application to SportAccord, President Kerrith Brown added:“IMMAF is the only non-profit, democratically led international governing body for the sport of MMA and the sole umbrella organisation dedicated to Amateur MMA competition, as well as the development of the sport and its regulation at the grass roots.

“IMMAF conforms with the widely accepted Unified Rules of MMA. We can boast a diverse board, membership and pool of both athletes and medallists, spanning five continents. We are proud of the increasing number of women participating in our championship tournaments.

“I also believe that IMMAF’s strict medical safety and regulatory standards are stand-out in the world of Amateur sport, as is our Anti-doping policy and testing programme.

“Since MMA meets every definition of an autonomous sport and IMMAF meets all SportAccord criteria, we anticipate no fair or objective reason why our application should not be successful.”

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