INEOS Sport on hand to protect United Fitness Brands

INEOS Sport, from leading hygiene solutions provider INEOS Hygienics, has become Official Sanitisation Partner to United Fitness Brands, the UK’s first Fitness Super Group.

INEOS Sport is the new range of professional sport sanitiser sprays which have been co-developed with elite sports teams to help prevent the spread of infection among wellness fans, while keeping performance front of mind.

Designed to help keep your class schedule on track, improve your performance, and limit workout setbacks and lost days due to illness, INEOS Sport has been introduced into all KOBOX and Boom Cycle studios – with Barrecore set to follow suit.

Founded in 2011 as England’s first indoor cycling chain, Boom Cycle offers an immersive ‘party on a bike’ workout to its loyal community and has five studios across London which are each protected with INEOS Sport. As are KOBOX’s four ‘fight club meets nightclub’ boxing studios.

The first of its kind Sport range uses a specialist fast drying, non-slip formula made with 70-75% hospital grade alcohol, that leaves hands and equipment protected and ready for action – whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Fran Millar, CEO of INEOS Hygienics said: “After an incredibly rough ride, it’s great to see the appetite for gyms and leisure centres returning.

“Fitness fans want to be able to take on their workout routines – or kick start new ones – in full confidence that they are in a safe environment.

“With INEOS Sport as Official Hygiene Partner to United Fitness Brands, the community are in safe hands, and can confidently spin and box knowing they’re protected from viruses and bacteria.”

The INEOS Sport Equipment Sanitiser Spray will keep the United Fitness Brands community in safe hands – as the ergonomically designed aerosol is the perfect component to sanitise shared equipment effectively and conveniently – from boxing bags and gloves, mats and weights to bike shoes and adjusters.

While the 50ml personal Sport Hand Sanitiser Spray will be retailed by United Fitness Brands and available to purchase in the studios for £1.99 per unit.

With INEOS Sport Official Sanitisation Partner to United Fitness Brands, class-goers can enter the shared studio spaces and exercise in complete confidence, knowing that the shared equipment has been thoroughly sanitised, providing protection from viruses and bacteria.

United Fitness Brands Co-founder Hilary Rowland said: “We have long-standing, dedicated communities who regularly come to our studios as part of their daily lifestyle, and we know that keeping fit and healthy is hugely important to them, which is why we’ve partnered with INEOS Sport as our Official Hygiene Partner.

“People are so much more conscious and aware of hygiene now. With our classes offering top of the range shared equipment, we want everyone who walks through our doors to be totally confident that we take sanitisation seriously and are working with the most reliable and trusted name in hygiene to keep everyone in safe hands and performing at the top of their game.”

As one of leading producers of high purity ethanol in Europe, INEOS Hygienics will also supply their state-of-the-art touchless Sanitiser Dispensers to United Fitness Brands.

Designed by Toby Ecuyer, head designer of the INEOS Grenadier 4×4, the meticulously crafted INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser is a feat of British design and Swiss engineering. The efficient and stylish device seamlessly delivers hospital grade sanitiser onto hands, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – without any contact.

As an essential device in instilling confidence and safeguarding the United Fitness Brands community, the touchless dispensers have been positioned in each KOBOX and Boom Cycle location, to safely welcome people into the studios.

INEOS Hygienics was at the forefront of the pandemic response, and now produces one million bottles of hand sanitiser every month. Free of impurities and formulated to meet the specialist requirements of health care environments, INEOS Hygienics is the UK’s leading hygiene solutions provider.

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