INOV8 launches next-generation fitness shoes

Pioneering sports brand INOV8 have launched their next generation gym and fitness shoes.

The BARE-XF and F-FLY feature the biggest and most exciting design enhancements in the company’s 20+ year history.

They also form part of a radical new 2024 footwear collection that headlines INOV8s first-ever rebrand.

And while they retain some of the key DNA that has made earlier award-winning gym shoes so hugely successful, these new innovations are a different breed of beast ready to meet the next generation needs of gym and fitness enthusiasts.

Like the other shoes in the 2024 collection, the BARE-XF and F-FLY feature a brand-new anatomical foot-shaped fit that promotes a more natural feel. This in turn brings greater levels of comfort and performance.

INOV8s designers have also worked tirelessly to develop major enhancements in grip, cushioning, protection, durability and visual design.

The BARE-XF is a minimalist shoe with no midsole that allows users to unlock the true potential of their feet. INOV8’s ultimate barefoot shoe is perfect for all workouts, particularly those that involve lifting weights and jumping.

Recognising the rise of the hybrid athlete and their training style, the F-FLY is the answer to the current gap in the market. It’s the brand’s ultimate hybrid training shoe. From cardio-based longer events to functional training, barbell cycling, rope climbs and running, the F-FLY has been designed to do it all, with a superior blend of cushioning, energy return and natural ground feel.

INOV8 founder, Wayne Edy, said: “Our experienced design team have built on the success we’ve forged in the gym sector over the past 20 years and at the same time brilliantly revolutionised our new footwear offering for 2024.

“The new shoes are neither over engineered nor under engineered, in the strong belief that nature knows best. We let your foot control the shoe, not the shoe control the foot.

“This is a huge year for INOV8, the biggest since we began in 2003. We look forward to sharing more of our exciting 2024 innovations in the coming months.”

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