Intersport UK & Ireland partner with Silicon Valley tech company Myagi

Intersport UK & Ireland and Myagi have entered a partnership to improve product sales and achieve a greater focus on delivering expert advice during in-store customer experiences.

With over 260 stores that are independently run but buy as part of the Intersport group, members collectively place customers at the heart of what they do.

Shopping habits have changed with the growing importance of online integration, so retailers have to embrace multi-channel as part of the consumer buying cycle.

In-store shopping will remain an important part of this cycle, as long as customers receive an enriching and knowledge-based experience – but the message is clear, add value or lose footfall to online.

In response to this shift in customer behaviour, Intersport UK and Ireland have partnered with the Silicon Valley tech company Myagi.

Myagi provides an easy to access online learning platform enabling sales associates to become masters of the customer experience.

The Myagi app was initially launched to two of Intersport’s retail members, Intersport Elverys and Intersport DW Sports, before being rolled out to the rest of the group soon after. The results are nearly 200,000 lessons being undertaken by 2,000 sales associates nationwide.

This is an impressive adoption of the Myagi network and the reasons for this success are twofold: Firstly, Myagi makes easy work of uploading brand video ‘shorts’ that include a quiz and the ability to track results, all of which can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices.

This aligns perfectly with Intersport’s commitment to giving their members the tools to become experts; and secondly, the early adoption of Myagi by big brand names such as ASICS, adidas, New Balance, Nike and Puma has helped continue to build Intersport’s close relationships with their suppliers and grass roots level sales teams.

Intersport has some of the strongest brand partnerships in the sports industry and in 2012 they launched their ‘Expert Advice’ marketing campaign, putting a stake in the ground in terms of their industry position.
Intersport’s collective buying power gives independent retailers access to exclusive brand ranges and therefore brand relationships are at the forefront of their strategy.

Tom Foley, general manager of Intersport UK and Ireland, is clear about why Myagi was the right solution for them: “Collectively, our members take their relationship with the customer and their role as experts extremely seriously at Intersport.

“We are always seeking ways to support our members and provide them access to up to date brand information.

“Myagi gives us (the retailer) and our brand partners, the means to distribute, evaluate and evolve branded product information, which helps keep Intersport staff at the cutting edge of retail development.

“By delivering an exceptional experience, we develop face-to-face relationships that keep people coming back to the physical store to seek our advice, as the experts. We have seen a clear relationship between products that are included in the Myagi training and a sales uplift and we’re very happy with the results thus far.”

Myagi developed their online learning platform, which is a simple app to download and set up, to help sales associates master the customer experience. How sales associates interact with learning has changed over the years – face-to-face training is timely, expensive inconsistent and infrequent. Myagi can be used by all staff, in their own time, on their own devices.

This simplicity is part of the products’ success, as anyone, brand, retailer and sales associate can access the network, at any time.

View a video of Tom Foley, general manager of Intersport UK and Ireland, talk about the new partnership here.

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