Intersport UK reshapes its supply chain with introduction of new IT system

The move came as a result of an operational audit, which revealed the retailer’s legacy IT platform couldn’t cope with its rapid expansion.

Implemented by strategic partner Retail IT, Intersport UK piloted Cegid’s YourCegid Retail solution, which integrated point of sale with central inventory in an initial seven stores.

Laetitia Kotsiopoulos, the retailer’s IT director, says: “The IT system couldn’t integrate with the warehouse and this lack of integration gave us no central visibility on stock levels, which impacted replenishment.

“Retail members were phoning in orders and it was taking us 10-14 days to dispatch them. We didn’t just need a replacement, we needed to reshape our entire supply chain strategy.”

Thanks to the closer alignment of inventory, purchasing and sales the integrated system afforded, replenishment times were reduced by 78 per cent, falling from 14 days to just three.

Removing many of the manual processes, the solution moved inventory from a phone-based process to online ordering, which improved order accuracy and fulfilment costs from warehouse to stores.

Kotsiopoulos adds: “The success of the roll out is all down to our relationship with Cegid and Retail IT. It’s not the typical supplier/client relationship I have with my other suppliers – it’s a partnership.

“Their experience and knowledge has been invaluable in creating a solution to support the growth of our business.”

Intersport UK says it plans to have 30 stores using YourCegid Retail by the end of 2015.

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