Introducing CXP, the new technical sports underwear brand.

Introducing CXP, the new technical sports underwear brand. A first of its kind multi panel waistband developed with the support of leading independent research facilities and elite athletes. CXP delivers optimal performance and comfort for sport and exercise, enabling the wearer to train at a higher intensity for a longer duration, without comfort becoming a limiting factor in performance.

The primary offering includes the Core XP Boxer Short, which features CXP’s innovative C-Cut™ technology. The patented waistband distributes pressure to allow for higher tension on the skeletal structure and reduced pressure on the abdomen. Built specifically for sport around the requirements of athletes and amateurs alike, the product has three unique features that set it apart; reduced abdominal pressure, lightweight design and the ability to move with your body.

Move free
The CORE XP boxer short encourages natural muscle movement by fitting the form of the body, creating a garment that moves with your body and not against it.

Reduced abdominal pressure
Providing a more focused approach to compression, CXP’s C-Cut™ waistband has been tested in detail against every market rival. The innovative waistband construction allows CXP to dictate the elasticity and tension of the waistband – reducing abdominal pressure for greater comfort and improving garment stability during high intensity exercise vs a standard 360 waistband, resulting in increased comfort during high-impact activity.

Lightweight design
Use of a premium ultrasonic bonded construction allows for a waistband up to 15% lighter like-for-like compared to the competition, leading to less burden and therefore more energy to give you the best chance of winning.

The product already has a number of elite athlete endorsements, having been worn by Deontay Wilder during training for his most recent bout with Tyson Fury and currently an integral piece of kit for Sheffield boxer Kid Galahad, who fights for a world title in August. CXP has also been worn consistently in the Premier League by at least one England international to give them the competitive edge against their rivals.

“CXP delivers optimal performance and comfort for sport and exercise and will revolutionise the sports underwear market as we know it. For too long, underwear has been the neglected product group of performance kit, but our patented C-Cut technology is designed to give everybody who wears it the comfort to be able to push themselves even further than before, whether they are beginning their exercise journey or training for the biggest stage of them all.

“Marginal gains are the difference between success and failure and our research tells us that we are the most technical and comprehensive sports underwear brand available for any athlete, regardless of their level and discipline”, said Tom Austin, founder and CEO of CXP.

CXP underwear is available to buy for £30 from and is available in sizes small, medium, large and X-Large

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