Introducing Fitronics – British Gymnastics Official Sports Software Partner

British Gymnastics is delighted to announce Fitronics as Official Sports Software Partner – bringing the newly created participation programme Rise Gymnastics to life.

The programme is hugely innovative and will transform the way recreational gymnastics is delivered across the nation. Rise Gymnastics has been designed by British Gymnastics following close collaboration and consultation with the gymnastics community and in conjunction with the four home nations.

Rise Gymnastics prioritises the fun of the sport, providing an explorative environment where young gymnasts can express themselves to the full, facilitated by an accessible and frictionless digital platform – Rise Hub. Fitronics are at the forefront of this platform, where gymnasts, coaches and instructors can plan Rise Gymnastics sessions and track gymnasts’ progress in a more accessible way than ever before. Rise Hub has been built to be fully responsive, so it can be accessed on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile. The platform can also be accessed from any location – coaches and instructors can use the system offline, meaning they don’t need internet access or 4G signal whilst coaching.

The partnership sees Fitronics provide the foundation for Rise Gymnastics with their sports course management system ‘CoursePro’. As a leading provider of software to the global health and fitness industry, Fitronics is ensuring that Rise Gymnastics features a digital space where gymnast progress can be managed with ease and seamlessly shared with parents.

This exciting partnership includes ongoing support and development from Fitronics over the next three years, so Rise Gymnastics will only evolve and improve with more feedback from our community. With Fitronics as a partner, British Gymnastics can further build on a collaborative and community-centric approach in developing Rise Gymnastics to be a programme for all.

Daniel Haywood, Managing Director at Fitronics, spoke about the exciting new participation programme and the partnership going forward. He said:

“It is an honour and a privilege to work with the great people at British Gymnastics. We have very much enjoyed taking their fantastic ideas and bringing them to life in the form of Rise Hub. Alongside saving sports course providers time spent on admin, and improving their customer experience in the process, at Fitronics, we are passionate about getting more children active and seeing them have fun doing so. This is clearly a passion that British Gymnastics shares, and we are proud that they will be using Rise Hub to help make this happen within their member clubs and delivery partners.”

Gemma Barton, Head of Participation at British Gymnastics, said of the new partnership:

“In partnership with Fitronics we have worked to create a product that ensures that parents are taken on that gymnastics journey too – thanks to Rise Hub, we now have the capability to provide accessible, personalised updates on their child’s achievements and development. We are extremely excited about Rise Gymnastics, and what will be a new era for recreational gymnastics. It was essential to us that the programme was highly individualised, where each gymnast is able to learn and develop in their own way, with enjoyment at the heart of their experience”

The programme will be available to all British Gymnastics member clubs and partners from September 2021. To find out more, visit

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