ISPO Academy Masterclass welcomed top young sportwear designers

Top design students from nine renown design schools across Europe and Asia presented new concepts in outdoor sports jacket design, using the new 3M Thinsulate Flowable Featherless Insulation, at ISPO Academy Masterclass during ISPO Munich 2022 from Nov. 28-30.

ISPO Academy Masterclass is a cross-disciplinary project of aspiring designers from the textile and sports sectors, collaboratively exploring the creative and functional potential of performance wear in the 21st century. 3M worked with the talented young designers to inspire new approaches that drive the sustainability evolution, an essential sports industry megatrend during the Masterclass.

“Most outdoor jackets look very much the same. We want to engage more young sports design students from the best design schools globally to work together and identify the future direction of the industry and explore more possibilities for consumers,” said Nora Kuehner, design and trend expert who founded Masterclass in 2015. “The students like very much the 3M’s approach to provide a sustainable and responsible alternative to down. They all appreciate such developments as they help to change the industry for the better. And that is what they expect us (the textile and clothing industry) to deliver. The next generation shares values like animal-friendliness which go beyond the traditional understanding of functionality in outdoor clothing. They don’t want to sacrifice the planet for consumption desires.”

“3M is excited to partner with Nora for this Masterclass workshop, where we can introduce our new flowable featherless product to the next generation of sports industry outwear designers and showcase the product’s the form, functionality and sustainability,” said Robert Polik, 3M senior application engineer.

Made with 80% recycled content and specially designed to be flowable for easy processing, 3M Thinsulate Flowable Featherless Insulation is a lightweight, high-loft insulation ideal for puffy garments. It can be easily applied to apparel using a variety of filling machines and easily shaped to fill garments’ unique quilting channels. It also offers a high wash durability, meaning it can maintain its thermal performance even after laundering.

Last year, 3M™ Thinsulate™ Xerogel Insulation, was named an ISPO Textrends Fall Winter 2023/24 Top Ten product, a prestigious award recognizing the latest textile-based innovations for sports and outdoor apparel.

To learn more about the 3M Thinsulate sustainable innovations, including the new 3M Thinsulate Flowable Featherless Insulation, please contact Stephanie Picht ( , Joann Lin (, Derek Wei ( or Totti Liang (

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