Join Zwift for a month-long series of women’s events

Zwift, the global online training platform, is celebrating their female community throughout the month of March. Whether you run or ride, chasing a new PR or after some social exercise, they have something for you.

Throughout March, Zwift is helping runners reach their fitness goals by providing female-led events to keep the community motivated at a pace that works for them. Run with pro athletes throughout the month as Gwen Jorgensen, Lucy Charles and more jump on their treadmills to join the community. Check out the full schedule of upcoming events here.

Lucy Charles, three-time podium finisher at Ironman World Championships, said: “I’m looking forward to leading a run on International Women’s Day to celebrate all the fantastic women on Zwift whether they are training for an Ironman, their next parkrun or just want some company to run with! I love that even when I’m at home training, I’m never really alone on Zwift and really appreciate the support from the Zwift community.”

Zwift is also joining up with Machines for Freedom, an LA-based women’s cycling clothing brand, for a three-week ride series, starting on March 8, consisting of social group rides and workouts highlighting the Zwift women’s community and social experience. All rides will unlock a limited edition collaboration kit that celebrates the power of community and is being produced in real life by Machines.

Eric Min, CEO and Co-Founder of Zwift, said: “Supporting the incredible community of female athletes on Zwift is something we are proud to do. There are so many inspirational athletes and community members that it is always a highlight to hear their stories and to host events or workouts that help grow our community of women.”

As part of the cycling campaign, Zwift and Machines for Freedom have teamed up with Saris to set up five deserving women from around the world with an ultimate prize package that includes everything they need to Zwift.
You can nominate an inspirational friend or family member through the following channels: submit a post on Instagram using #ZwiftxMachinesContest and tagging Zwift, Machines for Freedom & Saris.

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