Kathmandu’s NXT-Level jacket builds on commitment to sustainability

The NXT-Level jacket represents the latest in Kathmandu’s longstanding commitment to sustainable innovation and manufacturing. It’s designed to last and is made from Nylon 66, one of the most durable materials available in textile manufacturing.

It’s warm, lightweight and soft – with 600 fill duck down that is traceable with TrackMyDown – independently certified to the Responsible Down Standard. It also has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. The NXT-Level jacket Is available in women’s and men’s silhouettes and in different colourways inspired by the New Zealand landscape.

The NXT-Level jacket is also biodegradable*. Our hope is that you’ll never have to get rid of it (or throw it in the bin), but if that were to happen, we’ve tried to minimise the environmental impact of the jacket. It’s important to remember that, without this kind of technology, a similar jacket might take a hundred or more years to biodegrade.

The NXT-Level jacket is only one of the many solutions Kathmandu is using to combat the growing challenge of apparel waste. As we approach each situation, the key will be in finding the best-possible solution for the particular kind of product or part of a range. It could be biodegradation, a form of reuse, or recycling. As a certified B Corp, the key for Kathmandu is in staying nimble in our approach to problem-solving, so that we can rapidly adjust to environmental conditions and new ideas.

Because the outdoors is so important to us, Kathmandu puts planet and people first. We have always been courageous when it comes to sustainability and doing the right thing. We have bold ESG targets and we’re also a certified B Corporation (B Corp). This accreditation enables customers to trust that Kathmandu meets stringent standards for positive social and environmental impact.

Kathmandu is dedicated to increasing the responsible material content in our products through use of environmentally preferred, low climate impact materials. We prioritise materials that are regenerative, recycled or recyclable, biodegradable, or responsibly farmed or grown as we work towards our ESG targets including: all polyester recycled or recyclable by 2030, and 100% Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) by 2025.

Kathmandu is also on a path to embed circular thinking into the design of all products and to invest in innovative business models** to keep resources in use. This is a vital step away from the linear take-make-waste system and movement towards a zero-waste, closed-loop system.

The NXT-Level jacket has received several awards since its launch. This includes innovation awards from Outdoor Retailer and ISPO, two of the most reputable judges of outdoor and sporting apparel globally.

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