Key Game Records You Should Know for Online Betting

Football betting is the most popular form of betting. An analysis by shows that soccer betting generated annual revenue of over 300 million British pounds in the UK as of 2020.

However, most people who bet on the sport are not set for the required effort to win bets. In fact, the majority of football bettors are recreational bettors.

To constantly win football bets, one must thoroughly know various essential game records. In previous times, goals were the only game statistics until the 21st century, when a surfeit of game records on football games were critical game journals.

Although some bet experts claim that making predictions based on game records is a pretty rigorous approach to betting, experts at consider it a classic bet style and an effective way to make reasonable predictions.

With that said, here are some basic and helpful game statistics you should know to make good bets and maximise winnings:


The shots that a team concedes during a match are a vital game record and can be a predictive analysis of future success. Early soccer analysts used the total shot ratio and the sum of teams shooting percentages as indicators to predict a team’s future trajectory.

In football, there are only a few game goals, and it is hard to analyse a team’s strength based on goals scored and conceded. Because there is not enough information to make accurate predictions, using shots to study a group’s performance means sufficient data to make reasonable predictions.

Moreover, analysing the difference between shots a team takes and concedes can be a baseline for predicting a team’s attacking and defending strengths. Punters use shots on goals to evaluate attacking players as most good attacking players take regular shots.

Expected Goals

Expected goals are an essential game record for making compelling predictions, used in the past and still used by expert punters. Expected goals are a game record for predicting a team’s performance. Distinguishable from shots, desired goals can determine the value of a squad’s shot on the goal. It indicates the probability of whether or not the shot will be a goal.

Most shots from 25+ yards out and shots from within the box are not the same thing; a large percentage of shots from inside the box will lead to crucial goals, whereas shots from 25+ yards out will not.

Past Five Matches Played

A team’s form is a good factor to take into consideration when it comes to making good game predictions. However, some punters might not see a team’s form as an essential game record or statistics.

If a team plays well and the manager’s strategy works smoothly, then the odds of winning should be relatively high. Yet, a team’s form in their last five matches is also vital for determining the match winner, the number of goals, and if both teams manage to score.

Pass Success Percentage

Pass success percentage tells a lot about how a team plays with the ball and creates successful buildups. In most cases, if a team does not make effective passes, they do not have high chances of scoring.

Nonetheless, a high pass percentage team does not always guarantee consistent goals. Some units have a high pass percentage and do not make reasonable attempts. In this scenario, you should place other bets based on the statistics of the rival team.

To conclude

Analysing game records and historical data on leagues and using them for predictions are still the best way to make reasonable bets. Remember that the historical information on the last five seasons of a league can be highly beneficial when analysing team statistics and making good predictions.

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