Knox signs up with Dakine

Sparrow Knox has signed on as a new member of the Dakine snowboard team.

Knox will ride with Dakine packs, bags and gloves. He joins a team with some of his role models, such as Louif Paradis and Victor Daviet.

It was Victor who gave Sparrow his first pair of Dakine gloves and he couldn’t believe how much he liked them.

“I had them for four years until I lost them, otherwise they would still be going,” said the UK snowboarder. “I am really stoked to be part of such a strong squad. To me, Dakine means high end, built to last, super convenient gear that you can rely on. I’ve been travelling and riding with Dakine gear for some time now and I’m really loving it!”

PJ Rueda, Dakine team manager, met Sparrow back in 2011, during a trip to Dachstein, Austria.

He said: “He was already an inspiring individual back then, both on and off his board. I have seen his progression in the sport and I believe he is now one of the most creative, talented and committed snowboarders in Europe. We couldn’t think of a better match for Dakine’s fun spirit. Welcome to the family, Sparrow.”

Knox has travelled intensely during the past year. He has recently appeared in the Method Movie, Vans Europe and Lobster projects, as well as in Remy Barreyat and Niels Schack’s outstanding short film Goodbye Horses. This coming winter, his agenda is quite full with filming projects

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