KooGa Rugby ventures into cricket

KooGa Rugby has expanded its business operations into cricket following a licensing deal with established cricket brand, Dukes.

The Dukes brand can be traced back to 1760 and is one of the longest established brands in retail. Through the new relationship KooGa will work to maintain Dukes’s heritage in cricket, in addition to consolidating the current customer base and driving the brand forward. The Dukes product range includes teamwear, bats, balls, padding and accessories. The company’s current kit offering is proving popular, especially Dukes cricket balls. Made in England with English alum tanned leather, The Dukes County International ‘A’ cricket ball is used exclusively in all domestic first class County and Test cricket.

“In rugby or cricket, customers want comfortable performance equipment and clothing and an efficient service,” says Bill Newton, director of KooGa Rugby Ltd. “We intend to transfer the high standards demanded of us in the rugby marketplace into our cricket activity with Dukes. Rugby and cricket customers and players are not too dissimilar in terms of character, expectations and outlook, so we are confident that we can be successful with our Dukes operation.”

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