KYMIRA become official recovery partner of Warrington Wolves

KYMIRA, the wearable infrared performance clothing brand, has announced they will become the official recovery partner of rugby league club, Warrington Wolves.

With yet another gruelling season in the Super League underway, KYMIRA’s garments are designed to help athletes and players enhance performance, accelerate recovery and reduce the chances of injury.

The deal with Warrington Wolves will see KYMIRA support the full senior squad by providing solutions and alternative ways to minimise any chances of injury, accelerate recovery and reduce any stiffness or soreness from travelling to the respective grounds throughout the season.

Working with a number of impressive partners already, notably Swansea City and Reading FC, this partnership with Warrington Wolves is a demonstration of KYMIRA’s capacity to help teams from a range of sports, with partnerships also live with American Football and baseball teams respectively.
With this partnership, KYMIRA have shown a commitment to expand their services to rugby, with England rugby stars Henry Arundell and Jonny May also joining the brand as brand ambassadors in recent months.

All KYMIRA Sport products are powered by infrared technology, absorbing the body’s heat and transforming into full-spectrum infrared energy, which is then transmitted back into the wearer. Benefits include increased respiration efficiency; increased tissue oxygen levels; pain relief; energy production; muscle relaxation; and thermoregulation, all of which can aid, support and enhance human performance and recovery.

Ade Gardner, Head of Performance at Warrington Wolves, said: “We are delighted to have Kymira come on board as the official recovery partner of the Wolves. The team are I hopeful to see the enhanced recovery benefits of Kymira reflected in on field performance over the next 12 months.”

Founder and CEO of KYMIRA, Tim Brownstone, added: “We are very excited to become the official recovery partner for Warrington Wolves. This particular partnership has been a long time in the making as Warrington were the very first professional team to engage with KYMIRA, nine years ago. The team and I are extremely committed and determined to help the players enhance their performance and recovery in what we know is an incredibly demanding sport.”

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