KYMIRA Sport continues to support young British athletes with latest sign up

Performance and recovery enhancing sportswear company, KYMIRA Sport, has signed up 19 year old triathlete Harry Hammond as a brand athlete.

As the latest sportsman to join KYMIRA Sport’s list of talented athletes, Harry will now receive vital sponsorship, expert advice as well as custom made infrared sportswear in a bid to support his aspirations for athletic achievement. After winning his first ever triathlon just last year, Harry was looking for a brand partner that could help him build his profile and support his training and development.

Initially introduced to KYMIRA Sport at the London Bike Show earlier this year, the triathlete from Milton Keynes was immediately drawn to its sleek branding and decided to enquire about the possibility of sponsorship. It wasn’t until after further research that Harry discovered KYMIRA Sport’s differentiating factor, it’s infrared sportswear. Using KYnergy infrared technology KYMIRA Sport’s garments have the ability to improve the wearer’s performance and reduce recovery time due to the active minerals that are embedded into the fabric.

A keen cyclist for most of his life, Harry has also been an active swimmer for Team MK for years, so the move into the world of triathlon seemed a logical next step.

Harry said: “I have always had a love of sport, particularly swimming and cycling so the transition to triathlons wasn’t too much of a shock. I first decided to sign up for a triathlon to push myself and try something new, I certainly never thought I would win and begin a career as a triathlete.”

Harry may still be considered a ‘newbie’ to the sport, but this hasn’t stopped him from earning himself a place on the GB Age-Group Team, competing in the 2018 Gold Coast ITU Sprint Distance World Championships and the 2018 Middle Distance European Championships in Ibiza later this year.

Since partnering with KYMIRA Sport, Harry has already seen a marked improvement in his racing times, by achieving a new personal best after every race. Harry puts this down to the garments’ infrared technology allowing him to train more often without feeling fatigued.

Harry added: “As well as the invaluable advice KYMIRA Sport has given me over the last few months, the difference the products have made to my performance is unbelievable. I used to struggle towards the end of the week if I had completed two or three hard sessions, which had an impact on my overall competition times. I now find that my body recovers more quickly, allowing me to push myself during training. I also find the tri-suit is a much better fit and far more comfortable than anything I was previously wearing.”

Aston Lincoln, from KYMIRA Sport, said: “We are an advocate for supporting young athletes at the start of their sporting careers and are proud to help many of our brand athletes reach their goals. We were extremely impressed when we first met Harry, his attitude and passion for the sport shone through. What’s more his willingness to learn and improve will make a huge difference to his ability and future career. We look forward to working with Harry and watching him progress to elite level.”

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