La Sportiva launches UK recycling programme

A new recycling programme has been launched in the UK by La Sportiva, aiming to provide an easy way for people to recycle footwear and clothing when it reaches the end of its life.

The programme adds to La Sportiva’s ‘total life’ approach starting with quality sustainable materials, designing products built to last, making footwear easy to re-sole, and finally recycling when the product is truly at the end of its life. La Sportiva’s ultimate goal is 0% to landfill.

Initially recycling bins are being placed in 25 locations across the UK including climbing walls and retail stores, but this will be built on as the programme rolls out. Footwear and clothing from any other brand will also be accepted.

The programme is run in partnership with industry-leading recycling company SOEX. Firstly, any item that still has usable life left in it is separated and put back into use. Worn out products are then broken down into their component parts and recycled back into secondary raw materials, for instance leather and rubber.

Even the dust that accumulates when producing the recycled material is recycled, pressed into briquettes and used in the cardboard industry.

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