Life Fitness equipment to pair with Apple Watch

Life Fitness cardio equipment will now pair wirelessly and seamlessly with Apple Watch so exercisers can track the most accurate measurements possible.

When beginning a workout, simply tapping Apple Watch to the fitness console establishes a connection. There is no need to download additional apps, press extra buttons, or navigate complicated menus. Once connected, Apple Watch and the fitness machine exchange data including heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed and incline.

Jaime Irick, president of Life Fitness, said: “We’re excited to help bring this groundbreaking innovation to the fitness industry.

“There are over 700 million workouts per year on our cardio machines across the globe, and we know that exercisers want personalised workouts with easy data tracking. This new capability is just another example of how we’re innovating to deliver exceptional experiences to exercisers.”

Connectivity with Apple Watch will be available later in 2017 on Discover SE3 HD Tablet consoles, Life Fitness’ premium cardio console. Introduced earlier this year, Discover SE3 HD features a 21” treadmill screen and 16” bike, cross-trainer and PowerMill screen with 1080p resolution.

Exercisers can view high-definition television or stream their favourite content in HD from on-console apps. In the future, other brands within the Life Fitness portfolio will benefit from connectivity with Apple Watch including Cybex, SCIFIT and Indoor Cycling Group.

Irick said: “Life Fitness is committed to supporting customer outcomes by offering connected club solutions that personalise exerciser experiences and provide intelligence for informed business decisions.”

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