Lifejacket skin protection takes the rub out of your run or ride, with its new anti-chafe balm

LifeJacket Skin Protection has launched a heavy-duty Anti-Chafe Balm which has been created to protect your skin, so you can perform at your best.

With Spring just around the corner, many will be planning on taking life outside again, but chafing can often impact your performance whether you’re a fan of endurance sports, enjoy a long run or ride, or are braving the elements with a surf.

With the Anti-Chafe balm, you don’t need to hold back. Designed with a high-performance formulation that’s durable, weather resistant and waterproof, you can be sure your skin is protected even on extra-long exertions.

LifeJacket Skin Protection has your back

LifeJacket Skin Protection’s newest anti-chafe balm has been designed to prevent pain, redness, soreness, blisters, irritation, and rashes caused by chafing. Shaped into a bar, simply warm it in your hands and apply directly to the skin wherever it’s needed – your neck, your nipples, your nethers or more! The balm reduces the very friction that can lead to chafing in the first place. Made from five plant oils and nut butters, it provides a long-lasting, waterproof layer on top of the skin. This facilitates glide instead of the stinging sensation of raw skin.

Co-founder of LifeJacket Skin Protection, Billy Boulos, said: “At LifeJacket Skin Protection, our mission is to give people the knowledge, tools and products to better protect their skin every day. The industry is saturated with products designed to reverse skin damage. We just want to inspire people to take a more active role in protecting their body’s largest organ, the skin, to prevent damage in the first place. We know that chafing has a huge impact on the performance of our athletes, so we wanted to give people the reassurance and ability to push themselves without being impeded by a skin injury. Our new Anti-Chafe Balm is a result of our R&D team working with Team LifeJacket athletes to give people the tools they can use to protect their skin every day”.

Professor Christian Aldridge, Consultant Dermatologist for LifeJacket Skin Protection offers advice for preventing chafing, he said: “Chafing or friction dermatitis is principally caused by skin rubbing against skin, clothing or other materials, leading to sore, red inflamed skin which can crack, weep and even bleed if severe. Most irritation settles several hours later but the areas can remain sensitive even into the next day. Chronic chafing can let to thickening ( lichenification) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (skin changes colour) so it’s important to protect your skin against this. Make sure you wear the right type of clothing for the activity you are undertaking. Also, wear clean and dry clothes as dried sweat, chemicals, dirt etc may cause irritation. Lastly, protect yourself with a barrier cream or balm such as LifeJacket Skin Protection Anti-Chafe Balm to minimise friction during exercise and aid recovery afterwards”.

The LifeJacket Skin Protection Anti-Chafe Bar (55g) comes individually wrapped in a 100% biodegradable/compostable, wax-coated, glassine paper bag as well as a bespoke tin that protects it and allows it to be used again and again when refills are ordered. It is available from for £16 with a tin or £13.50 without.
LifeJacket Skin Protection products are developed and made in the UK with industry experts. The high-performance skincare and UPF 50+ apparel range is stress-tested by everyday folk, professional athletes, Olympians and military personnel. Plus, 50p from every sale goes to Melanoma UK to support the fight against skin cancer so you’ll be doing good in more ways than one when you purchase a LifeJacket Skin Protection product.


7-day unlimited access to the mole-checking app, SkinVision, on every order. Use the app to map, monitor and get instant feedback without leaving the house. Skin checking is just as important as daily skin protection. Upgrade to a 12m license for just £25 (a 50% saving for our customers).


• Protects skin from the damage caused by skin-on-skin or skin-on-clothing friction (e.g. socks, wet suits, running tops, cycling shorts etc)
• Contains coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and jojoba including vitamins A, E and F
• For all skin types and clinically approved for sensitive skin
• Weather resistant, sweat resistant and durable
• Restores dry or cracked hands, feet and face
• Doesn’t stain clothing
• Comes in a portable, plastic-free aluminium tin (100% recyclable and reuseable)
• Made in the UK

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