Lily & Loaf make the world of fitness a healthier place with new natural supplement range Acti-Fit

Shropshire-based wellness company, Lily & Loaf, have launched a brand-new range of fitness supplements called Acti-Fit.

Acti-Fit products ensure that you get the nutritional support you need for optimal health, whatever your fitness goals. The Acti-Fit range provides natural supplements to enhance nutritional deficiencies and support specific body systems. Whether you are looking to build strength, speed or stamina, the Acti-Fit range has something for you.

The Acti-Fit range comprises of 8 products: Creatine, Super Fibre, Amino-Mix, L-Glutamine, Smoothie Booster, Super Protein with Fibre, High Strength Hydrolysed Collagen and the Super-Mass Gainer.

The Lily & Loaf brand promotes an all-natural, holistic approach to health and values daily nutrition for the body. Each product is carefully formulated for active bodies to help build strength, speed, and stamina. Acti-fit natural supplements are designed to support your lifestyle goals by complementing your diet to ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs.

Andrew Ewan, Managing Director, says of the success of the new Acti-Fit range: “Lily & Loaf’s mission is to provide quality products and holistic support, without unnecessary gimmicks and empty promises. The development of Acti-Fit products is overseen by an Advisory Board comprised of highly qualified scientists, herbalists, practitioners, and health consultants. Acti-fit products are formulated from the highest quality ingredients, in the most effective combinations. Designed in their state-of-the-art European facilities to provide the right nutrients without adding unnecessary additives!”

All products in the range are free from dairy and other major allergens. Apart from Hydrolysed Collagen, the entire range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In order to maintain their ethical and sustainability values, each product offered must meet strict specifications. So, there are no harmful toxins, pollutants, or animal cruelty involved in the making of their products.

Providing transparent, comprehensive information about what they put into their products, Lily & Loaf help you make informed decisions about which ones are right for you.

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