Lotto lands in Brazil

As well as Lotto’s international collection, Filon will also manufacture product lines specifically for the Brazilian market. Distribution will be through the sports trade channel as well as specialist football stores and Filon’s own outlets. Geographical development is to be focused in the centre and south of the country initially and will later be extended to the rest of Brazil.

Filon was established in 1986 and is headquartered in San Paolo. The company specialises in sports clothing for football.

Lotto’s aim is to achieve total sales of $20 million in three years and become the number three brand in the Brazilian football market.

“Landing in Brazil is an important breakthrough for Lotto,” says Andrea Tomat, President of Lotto Sport Italia. “The combination of our product expertise and our new partner’s coverage of the country’s territory, plus its consolidated experience in soccer, will allow us to achieve significant results in a country which is the symbol of soccer.

“Great passion for this sport is part of Lotto’s DNA as well as of Brazil’s people – many of its greatest stars are linked to our brand today with Cafu, Dida, Doni and Amauri standing out. I am sure that we will soon see the Lotto double diamond logo in prominence in the Brazilian league championship too.”

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