Maier Sports – show them your MOVE to win

By uploading a short video clip of themselves to the Maier Sports website, showcasing their best ‘move’, participants can win one of 10 jackets and pants sets, worth around £300 each. This could be a dance for joy at the top of a hill, a leap in the air on a hiking trip or high-five at the finish stage: You decide which MOVE is your MOVE.

It’s easy to enter on the Maier Sports website; participants just need to complete a few details and upload their video. There’s a chance to let Maier Sports know if they want their videos to be posted to Instagram and tagged with them in – and that’s it.

Enter here:

What is the MOVE MOVE MOVE campaign?

“It’s the way you move outside and what moves you inside and then your MOVE that captures both in one movement – that’s what MOVE, MOVE, MOVE stands for. Because people go outside to move. Everywhere and again and again. This is the longest move in the world. And the climax is your signature MOVE – that thing you do when you let your emotions run wild”.

Need inspiration? There are plenty of examples of other people’s MOVES on the website to check out too.

The MOVE MOVE MOVE campaign runs until August 31, 2022, when the deadline for all entries finishes.

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