Makura Appoints Sidelines Sports as its Exclusive Distributor in Canada

We are thrilled to announce that Makura Sport has taken its leap across the pond,

partnering with Sidelines Sports, our exclusive Canadian distributor
, to make Makura mouthguards available to customers and athletes throughout Canada!

“This is an exciting evolution for Makura,” said Robert Davies, Managing Director of Makura Sport. “We have spent years developing our brand and reputation in Europe, but our goals have always been to think bigger and set Makura apart as the mouthguard of choice for athletes around the world. Entering the North American market is another exhilarating and important step in that direction.”

Makura mouthguards available for our Canadian customers will include:

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TOKA CONVERTIBLE™, IGNIS CONVERTIBLE™, TEPHRA MAX CONVERTIBLE™, and LITHOS CONVERTIBLE™ mouthguards will all come with convertible straps, while the KYRO PRO™ will be available either Strapless or Strapped. All Makura mouthguards will continue to be supplied with a durable and convenient storage case.

“We are excited to work with Makura to expand its presence in Canada and make it the preferred choice everywhere one Canadian athlete at a time! We are looking forward to a great long-term business relationship with Makura Sport,” said Bruce Behrend, Owner of Sidelines Sports.

New Product Alert: Introducing the KYRO PRO™

The KYRO PRO™ is Makura’s entry level mouthguard. It includes many of the same trusted features athletes look for (a SHOKBLOKER outer for protection, an AIRTHRU channel for comfort, and SLIPSAFE pads for security), but with a simpler design. It comes in either clear or black and strapped or strapless.

The KYRO PRO™ is currently available exclusively in Canada, though we anticipate it will be ready for launch in other markets (including Europe) towards the middle of this year.

Contact us to learn more about our KYRO PRO™ mouthguard or becoming a distributor!

At Makura Sport, our mission is simple: to provide you with mouthguards that exceed expectations and make us the protection of choice for athletes around the world.
Contact us today to learn more!

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