Manchester’s Ronhill and Hilly go to Liverpool

Ronhill and Hilly have signed an exclusive agreement with the biggest chain of department stores in Mexico – called Liverpool.

The initial order will be going into stores next month.

Liverpool Port is the full name of the company, which was founded by a Liverpudlian many years ago.

Graham Richards, Ronhill and Hilly’s brand director, joined the company’s distributor last week at the presentation of the spring/summer 14 range.

Richards says: “It is somewhat strange to be trading with a company whose origins are less than 50 miles from us in Manchester.

“The stores are fantastic, some of the best I have ever seen.”

Richards also visited the British Embassy during his trip and met with the head of UK Trade.

The meeting was arranged by the company’s local UKTI adviser.

“It was great to meet up with the UKTI head,” Richards explains.

“UKTI has been supportive and instrumental in our rapid export development and so getting local support and advice in Mexico will be very valuable.”

The UKTI head revealed to Richards that he is a regular runner and owns several pieces of Ronhill kit.

He also met and competed in the same race as Dr Ron Hill, founder of Ronhill, some years ago in Uruguay.

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