Merrell Launches One Day. One World. One Trail.

To celebrate the global diversity that exists on the trail, outdoor brand Merrell has launched their One Day. One World. One Trail. project.

On Saturday, April 27, across 17 countries, Merrell sent 23 photographers and filmmakers out to the trail to showcase those experiencing natural spaces and how the trail unites us all.

The individuals featured are not paid models, athletes, or social media influencers. They are real people who were out enjoying the outdoors and stopped to share a moment with the creatives producing the project.
Strick Walker, CMO at Merrell, said: “The trail is a great unifier, and our goal with the One Trail project is simply to demonstrate that. We hope this global snapshot of a day on the trail will inspire others to get out there. We can all benefit from time spent in nature and the power of the trail.”

Two films as well as individual imagery from the 17 countries featured in the project can be viewed at

In November 2018, Merrell launched the first iteration of their One Trail project featuring all 50 states within the US, followed by another chapter in June 2019 showcasing real people enjoying Canada’s trails.

In addition to collaborating alongside a diverse set of global photographers and filmmakers, Merrell worked with Tim Kemple and Camp4 Collective to produce the project.

Tim Kemple, Co-Founder and Director at Camp4 Collective, said: “There are very few common languages in this world. A smile. A laugh. A feeling of moving forward together. So capturing these in a spontaneous, genuine way was essential for this project.

“No matter your language, religion, size, colour — when we’re on the trail, we share common ground. And recognizing that idea is pretty profound right now.”

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