Milos Raonic joins Zepp team as brand announces app update

Ranked in the top 10 by the ATP, the announcement comes at the same time as the brand unveiled Zepp Tennis 2.0, the company’s latest version of its app, which allows players and coaches to analyse serves in 3D and track their match play on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Zepp Tennis 2.0 delivers analysis from a practice session or match, so players can measure their intensity, consistency and power.

A series of in-app training videos is also included, featuring content from Raonic and other top tennis players.

It works in conjunction with the Zepp multisport sensor, which can be attached to the handle of a tennis racquet.

“Zepp is providing data for some of the most important aspects of the game,” Raonic (pictured) says.

“Having data that connects what you’re feeling to what’s actually happening will help players at all levels improve faster.”

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