Mindset-led Gareth Bale backed fitness brand, Rowbots, launches two new class concepts

Mindset-led fitness brand ROWBOTS is delighted to announce the launch of two exciting new class concepts this September.

ENERGY Strength will launch at both ROWBOTS City and ROWBOTS Fitzrovia on Thursday 8th September, with CAPACITY launching at ROWBOTS City on Friday 9th September.

ENERGY Strength

The same psychological theme you know and love, our ENERGY class has been reimagined and redesigned as a strength only class – a first for ROWBOTS. This 50-minute class will have you lifting heavy, whilst building your confidence and form with complex dumbbell, kettlebell and band movements. Each block of work has been designed to build power and strength, with a focus on exercises specially designed to support the performance of rowing.

The programming incorporates scientifically derived offset, unilateral and bilateral training to enhance hypertrophy and brain-body connection. Adding strength training into your weekly routine can help increase stamina, balance, flexibility, and bone density, as well decrease the risk of injury from falls and prevent and reverse muscle mass depletion.

During ENERGY Strength you will focus on efficient energy distribution, training smart and understanding when to hold back and when to push, both in and outside The Machine Room. The class will help you manage your energy reserves and work more efficiently, perfect for anyone struggling with the ability to know when to move slower in both life and in training, helping you to build your #MachineMindset.

With a focus on time under tension, EMOM’s, AMRAP’s and various rep ranges, ENERGY Strength will provide an addictive and trackable challenge each week, leaving you feeling strong, powerful and ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.


CAPACITY is a brand new conditioning class concept providing you with the tools needed to continue to develop an even stronger #MachineMindset.

Introducing the assault bike and the ski erg, in addition to the rower and floorwork, CAPACITY is a dynamic full body conditioning class, programmed to push you to the max and to help increase your cardio competency.

During a CAPACITY class, you can expect to move fast, breathe heavy and challenge your aerobic capacity, offering the ultimate mixed modality workout. From start to finish, the class will test your ability to hold on, to dig deep and to prove to yourself that your capacity to keep going is far greater than you could have ever imagined.

Outside of The Machine Room, the class will help you find the capacity to keep going when faced with challenges, obstacles and unexpected events. It develops a growth mindset, where your abilities and performance can be enhanced through dedication, accountability and hard work.

With the addition of two new cardio machines, CAPACITY is the perfect class for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness which will carry over into multiple sports, fitness disciplines and day to day life.

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