MotivatePT announces new client portal

MotivatePT has developed a new client portal to help them reach their personal goals for any given fitness program.

Personal goals will vary for every individual – ranging from a desire to lose fat and build muscle – to improving endurance and conditioning to compete in a marathon. Now, via the newly launched MotivatePT client portal, there are a number of unique features which have been added to help make it easier to reach any fitness goal.

The portal offers a shared calendar with a personal trainer, providing users with a clear timeline. In addition to this, forward mapping is provided, providing each session with more clarity towards each and every goal. Users can also quickly and easily view MotivatePT trainer profiles, each of whom will have been fully vetted before working with clients.

Most importantly, the new portal offers every client a full view of their user journey, which includes upcoming sessions and how many they currently have remaining. If users are running low on sessions or have run out, the portal makes it easy to purchase or renew sessions. This allows for a completely manageable and transparent process for both client and trainer.

The new client portal is designed to give clients the results they demand. It helps them to visually map out their sessions onto an interactive calendar that is easy to use. When kept up-to-date, it becomes the foundation of a progressive plan that can be used to achieve the results they want to see in their life.

Future innovations for the new client portal include a scoring system that is based on the exclusive MotivatePT method. A food diary will also be included that allows for a client’s trainer to have full visibility of their diet, meaning every program can be tailored for an even more personal service.

New clients are invited to try the MotivatePT consultation and taster session, which is free and has no hidden fees. During this free session, new clients will discuss their fitness goals, and will be given the opportunity to meet their trainer for a sample personal training session.

If they wish to proceed, then blocks of 10, 20, or 30 sessions can be purchased. Each session is one hour in length and will include workout plans and nutritional advice. These blocks can then be tracked through the new client portal.

The new client portal is now available as an app and online.

If you would like more information about MotivatePT and the new client portal, please visit:

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