Muc-Off launches pressure washer in Europe and USA

After huge success after initial launch in the UK earlier this year, the award-winning Pressure Washer by leading bike cleaning and maintenance brand Muc-Off is now available in Mainland Europe and the United States.

Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off CEO, said: “I’m so excited to see the Muc-Off Pressure Washer launch in Europe and USA. The reception in our home market has blown me away and we’re stoked to be able to offer our American customers a specific product that answers one of the biggest challenges in cleaning your bicycle or motorcycle.”

The premium 1200W carbon brush motor gives a max flow rate of 6.5L/Min and a max pressure of 100 bar, and is all housed in a tough, impact resistant, modified copolymer outer casing to cope with life on the move.
Each part of the gun and lance is coated in a soft touch matt black finish, not only for user comfort but to lower the chance of damage if the nozzle knocks accidentally against a bike. A high-pressure hose with metal contact points for durability is also included.

Muc-Off has developed and tooled three specific lances to ensure the pressure washer won’t damage any surfaces including suspension seals or bearings.

All the below lances are included with the washer bundle:
1. One for bicycles. Lower pressure for use on light to medium dirt on your bicycle.
2. One for motorcycles. Higher pressure for use on light to medium dirt on your motorcycle.
3. One bespoke, adjustable pressure lance. Adjustable higher pressure for heavy grime on your tyres and anything else that you care about that needs cleaning with a bit more pressure.
4. A low-pressure snow foam lance that won’t damage any delicate parts and transforms your bottle of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner into thick, snow foam for the ultimate and efficient deep clean.

A custom dry bag carry case also comes with the bundle, designed to easily store the pressure washer, and keeping all available peripherals within easy reach. On top of this, a one litre bottle of Bike Wash and a one litre bottle of concentrate are included for easy refills.

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