MuscleXP, a leading sports nutrition brand, adds a gym-accessory brand, DrFitness+ to its portfolio

MuscleXP, a brand with a valuation of 250 crores and a leader in offering cutting-edge, well-researched, and dependable gym supplements and sports nutrition products, announces the launch of a new and affordable gym accessories brand, DrFitness+.

DrFitness+ offers all types of gym accessories like Muscle Support, Skipping Ropes, Yoga Mats, Gym Belts, Resistance Belts, Ab Rollers, Tummy Trimmer, Pushup Bars, and Sweat Belts. DrFitness+ line delivers consumers the exact instruments they need to begin with, keep moving, and levelling up during their fitness journey.

Developed for various workout categories, including yoga, Pilates, strength training, and recovery, the DrFitness+ fitness supporting collection has an uplifted look and feels to fit absolutely for at-home workouts. Health and fitness were uniquely placed to lean into the at-home fitness bang to meet its audience where they were during the pandemic – in their living rooms and on social media. The pandemic has also altered how its audience considers fitness, as they favour at-home workouts rather than being outside hitting the gym.

“With MuscleXP, we’ve helped people keep their bodies moving and getting stronger, and the DrFitness+ equipment line mark our latest brand expansion,” said Sahil Mehta, Managing Director & Founder of MuscleXP. He added, “All the products are inspired by top-performing fitness and wellness content. Our ultimate goal is to better our audiences’ lives by providing real utility and their fitness while being on the wellness journey.”

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