MyPRO launches new THE EAA and THE In:EAA Powder to maximise a performance during a workout

MyPRO, informed sport certified nutrition brand, is launching its new THE EAA (Essential Amino Acid) and THE In:EAA drinks, aimed at repairing, replenishing and rehydrating post workout.

The new EAA and In:EAA powder supplements contain the same mixture of high-quality ingredients including 7g Amino9TM, a patented EAA and BCAA blend aimed to repair muscles, advanced electrolytes to help the body to replenish by replacing lost fluids, and 550mg coconut water which aims to rehydrate. In addition, THE In:EAA includes 10g Carb10®, which is a blend of four carbohydrates and 22g dextrose. This added Carb10® helps to fuel exercise which ensures the user can sustain effort throughout the workout whether this is lifting, cycling or running.

The In:EAA proves most effective when consumed whilst training as it gives a mid-workout boost and ensure the supplement is in the body whilst exercising. Alternatively, The EAA can be consumed anytime during the day, whether this is the morning or before or after a workout, due to the easily digestible sugars within the supplement whilst continuing to repair, replenish and rehydrate.

THE EAA and THE In:EAA are available now from, retailing at £26.99 and £31.99, respectively in multiple flavours. THE EAA is available in blood orange, blueberry and strawberry, raspberry cherry, lemon iced tea, and blackcurrant and apple. THE In:EAA comes in flavours including raspberry ripple, orange mango, passionfruit, apple and cherry cola.

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