NEW BALANCE continues global ‘we got now’ campaign featuring Raheem Sterling

Featuring elite-level ambassadors, the campaign proclaims ‘Impatience is a Virtue’ and is the brand’s biggest European advertising investment to date.

Global athletic leader New Balance has launched the latest installment of its ’We Got Now’ campaign by proclaiming that Impatience Is A Virtue, featuring global football stars Raheem Sterling, Sadio Mane and Bukayo Saka.

The campaign takes an intimate look into what drives Team New Balance athletes and fearlessly independent fans of the brand around the world to claim the ‘now’ and pursue their passions and dreams.

As part of a wider European campaign, which is New Balance’s biggest media investment to date in the region, Sterling is joined in the hero brand video by activist and artist Jaden Smith and tennis sensation Coco Gauff.

Comprised of a series of vignettes that highlight each of the individual’s pursuit of their passion, the video focuses on Sterling’s off-pitch work, which has seen him become a key voice in the fight against racism. It also commends Jaden Smith for his mission to give communities in need access to clean water and celebrates Coco Gauff becoming the youngest player to qualify for one of the biggest championships in tennis.

Meanwhile, Arsenal and England star Saka will front a media partnership with Vice Media Group which will feature bespoke content exploring the stories of athletes and thinkers pushing things forward and inspiring the next generation of change-makers.

Liverpool and Senegalese superstar Mane will be the face of a series of supporting media slots including online and social. The campaign will also take to the streets with a number of murals popping up in key UK cities overnight, featuring Sadio Mane, Raheem Sterling and Jaden Smith, adding a creative element to the national out of home investment.

Jeff McAdams, VP of Global Marketing at New Balance said; “‘We Got Now’ is a call to action to come together in meaningful ways, whether you’re on a global stage like our Team New Balance athletes or working at the local level on impacting your own change.”

“We are proud to work so closely with Raheem, who has stood up and used his status and voice to lead the fight against racism in football and is now using his position to drive social change through his philanthropic work. He isn’t waiting for others to define his legacy, because he’s building it now whilst he’s at the peak of his game and taking the action required to switch the status quo and create change for the next generation of young footballers.”

“Bukayo and Sadio will also play prominent roles in this huge piece of work. We saw over that summer how Bukayo used his voice to call for social media companies to clamp down on racism whilst standing strong in the face of such abuse and we are proud to support him.”

“We have worked closely with Sadio over the years and have been with him as he became a domestic and European champion, but we have also seen the work he has done off the pitch to support his communities both in Liverpool and back in Senegal where he has helped build hospitals and mosques.”

The Team New Balance ambassadors featuring in ‘We Got Now’ truly represent and embody the campaign ethos. The campaign content will live globally on and New Balance social media channels, as well as media placements throughout 2021.

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