A call to action to democratise running, celebrating diversity, empowerment and inclusivity

Global athletic leader New Balance has today unveiled the Virgin Money London Marathon campaign for 2021 ‘Rep Yours’ which aims to democratise running and empower runners to explore the reasons why they run.

Working in conjunction with community run crew ‘Run The Boroughs’, the Rep Yours campaign features two runners, Cece and Shalarm who tell their individual stories as a way of encouraging other runners to own their relationship with running, no matter what.

Shalarm uses running as a way of connecting with and inspiring likeminded people. Being part of Run The Boroughs allows him to rep his community by encouraging more people from his borough to run. Being a Personal Trainer and run leader, uplifting others through fitness is Shalarm’s passion and focus.

Cece uses running as a form of therapy and reps the mental health benefits running provides her. She started taking running more seriously after her father passed away in 2019 and found that running helped her to process her grief and start helpful conversations.

Rep Yours is about real runners and exploring what really motivates them to hit the road. People run the marathon for a multitude of reasons, often deeply personal and always with a purpose. Whether a runner is representing their family, community, or just themselves, the New Balance ‘Rep yours’ campaign encourages each and every runner to consider their run purpose and use this to motivate themselves throughout training and beyond.

As the official footwear and clothing sponsor of the Virgin Money London Marathon, New Balance has revealed the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon training collection and an exclusive race day range to keep runners confident and comfortable in the run up to and on race day. Complete with a Virgin Money London Marathon footwear collection, the race range provides runners with an all-encompassing toolkit to train and compete in the Virgin Money London Marathon.

The footwear range includes the Fresh Foam 1080v11 London Edition, FuelCell Rebel v2 London Edition and the FuelCell RC Elite. Three different footwear models provide choice for every type of runner and ensures the perfect fit to fuel each individual running style. All three models provide solutions for easy mileage days, up-tempo workouts and a fast ride for race day.

The energy and excitement of race day is captured through bold colors and graphics, as well as design details that tie back to the apparel collection for the ultimate head to toe Marathon ensemble.

From left to right: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 London Edition, £145, New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2, £130, New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2, £220, all available from

The 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon New Balance clothing collection is the largest and most exciting to date. The collection provides runners with everything they need to train through all weather conditions, including the staple Marathon Jacket, t-shirts, shorts and leggings. Featuring a vivid blue colour and a design inspired by the River Thames, the collection pays homage to the city of London.

The Virgin Money London Marathon signifies diversity, inclusivity and empowerment, all of which echo the New Balance brand ethos and underpin the ‘Rep Yours’ campaign. New Balance is putting out a defiant call to action for runners to own their relationship with running, no matter who they are, where they are from or what they run for.

To join the movement, follow @NBRunning and join the @RunTheBoroughs community on Instagram.

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