New Hi-Tec licensing agreements after acquisition by Cherokee Global Brands

Following Cherokee Global Brands acquisition of Hi-Tec it has announced new licensing agreements for the brand.

The agreement with Carolina Footwear and the Barta Group also includes the Magnum brand.

The move will see the UK Hi-Tec leadership team transition to the Barta Group.

Howard Siegel, president and COO of Cherokee Global Brands, said: “As we explored partnerships to ensure continuity and strengthen and diversify the distribution channels for our newly acquired Hi-Tec and Magnum brands, Carolina Footwear and the Batra Group immediately stood out as best-in-class partners.
“Both have excellent reputations for creating compelling assortments of innovative products and both have years of experience scaling high-growth, high-equity brands.”

Ed Van Wezel, CEO of Hi-Tec Sports International Holdings B.V., said: “The Hi-Tec and Magnum brands enjoy a rich heritage and we are proud to have consistently delivered outstanding products at a great value for over 40 years. Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter of global growth and category expansion for our high-equity brands as we build our licensing relationships.”

The Batra Group specializes in the design, sourcing, distribution and distribution of apparel, footwear and accessories for the sports, fitness and wellness markets.

The master agreement with Batra will grant the rights to manufacture and sell a wide assortment of branded footwear in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Scandinavia.

The company will also manufacture and sell apparel and accessories throughout select regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. In addition, Batra will immediately establish a global design centre for apparel and accessories based in the United Kingdom.

Rajiv Batra, founder and managing director of the Batra Group, said: “We are pleased that the Hi-Tec UK leadership team has transitioned to the Batra Group in order to maintain continuity and we are excited to have the opportunity to leverage our full-service apparel sourcing, brand licensing and distribution expertise to drive long-term growth for the Hi-Tec and Magnum brands in the regions in which we operate.”

The master agreement with Carolina Footwear grants the rights to manufacture and sell Hi-Tec and Magnum-branded footwear for men, women and kids, along with additional products in the adult outdoor and active footwear categories.

Distribution will include better speciality, sporting goods, department stores, and mid-tier and general merchandise retailers across the US and Canada.

Simon Bonham, brand president for Hi-Tec Sports North America, said: “The announcement of new licensing partnerships is an exciting development in the wake of our integration with Cherokee Global Brands.

“This is only the beginning of a new era of growth and expansion for Hi-Tec. Carolina Footwear is a perfect example of the complementary partnerships that will build upon our current strategy and drive future growth. We are well positioned to continue the large market share gains we’ve enjoyed over the last three years and to meet and surpass our aggressive growth objectives.”

With the closing of the acquisition, the Hi-Tec Sports International Holdings B.V. has retained or entered into new master license agreements for footwear, apparel and accessories with Hi-Tec Sports Africa; with Martes Sports in Poland; in Portugal and Spain with Hi-Tec Sports Espana S.A. and with Advanced Manufacturing Group as the master licensee for the Interceptor brand for tactical, military, uniform, service and work footwear for Walmart in the US & Canada.

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