New Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer proves hard to resist

Matrix Fitness, the commercial division of Johnson Health Tech, is redefining athletic training and HIIT with the launch of its S-Force Performance Trainer.

This unique cardio product delivers scientifically-proven magnetic resistance training to challenge elite athletes and fitness facility members in high-intensity, low impact interval training on the gym floor, in circuits and small group training.

With S-Force, Matrix has mastered a smooth and quiet magnetic resistance motion system, specifically designed to provide a high-intensity, low-impact workout. Magnetic resistance increases the harder the athlete works, creating challenging and progressive workouts for everyone from beginners to elite athletes.

S-Force can be set to enhance athletic performance or deliver individual and group HIIT training. It has five resistance levels and is pre-loaded with the exclusive Sprint 8 20-minute HIIT workout. Quick keys offer instant access to popular training programs at the touch of a button and all activity is monitored on the adjustable backlit console making it easy to see complete workout data to help users measure their improvement.

S-Force has been scientifically proven in an in-depth study by a professional biomechanics consultant to progressively improve fast-twitch muscle fibres – the key to explosive athletic power and performance. Validated testing procedures revealed that the upright position targets the calves and hamstrings, while the acceleration position focuses on the shins and quads, building strength in the muscles athletes need for explosive drive-phase sprinting.

Matt Pengelly, Managing Director Matrix UK, said: “S-Force hits two major markets – athletic performance and HIIT training – in one piece of kit making it versatile and valuable to fitness facilities.
“It can be used by individuals following one of the pre-set challenges, incorporated into a PT session or added into a group training circuit session. Completely unmotorized and flex-free, it can be wheeled into place in moments to fit the facility space and usage.”

Matrix invited the renowned Wigan Warriors Rugby League squad to put S-Force through its paces.

Mark Bitcon, director of performance at Wigan Warriors, said: “We have a reputation for hammering kit with players around 120KG going all out to build fitness gains.

“The S-Force arrived mid-season so rather than change up our training of the squad to accommodate it, we used it for recovery and rehab for our injured players. The low-impact aspect was key to this but don’t be fooled: even an injured rugby league player will pack a punch on equipment and it’s fair to say our players have been smashing out some seriously tough sessions on S-Force. The initial results look great and it will definitely feature in our pre-season squad training from November.”

Mark added: “S-Force taps brilliantly into the competitive mindset of elite athletes. The feedback in terms of power outputs and distance is just what you need when trying to condition and push elite athletes and get them where they need to be.

“The S-Force really challenges our players – they can’t get a rhythm on it like a motorised treadmill or stepper and the more they push, the more it pushes back. S-Force is truly different, genuinely challenging and will be an asset to athletes and gym members who want to take their training up a few notches.”

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