New product makes GPS technology accessible to grassroots players

A pioneering new product will make the same GPS technology used by elite athletes available to football, rugby and hockey players at grassroots level.

For several years, the stars of the Premier League have worn GPS trackers to track their movements and athletic performance during matches.

And the new PitcheroGPS makes that same level of data-tracking available to amateur clubs, revolutionising how football, rugby and hockey players train, while improving match day performances and the overall player experience.

Starting at just £5 per month per player, with a one-off up-front cost of £55, teams and coaches at grassroots level can access the same GPS technology and data accuracy used by the world’s best.

PitcheroGPS is one of the most advanced trackers on the market, approved by FIFA and World Rugby, and features a stunning 1.14’ LCD crystal clear screen.

It requires no specialist knowledge to operate, and the tracker itself sits in a padded pocket in a vest worn under the player’s shirt.

PitcheroGPS is for all levels of football, rugby and field hockey. From grassroots to academy, to semi-professional and professional players.

The PitcheroGPS Player Bundle includes:

• Access to a 5-star mobile app and gives the players instant access to their stats after training and matches.

• 20 GPS trackers and PitcheroGPS team analysis software.

• All core metrics, such as distance, time, top speeds and speed zones, tracked and presented in stunning heat maps and trend graphs.

• The ability to measure effort in metrics and compare training sessions to match days, week to week, season to season.

The technology can transfer match data from 20 trackers in less than 10 minutes, and publishes all player data online in a stunning player analysis platform designed for all coaches at every level of sport.

Players using PitcheroGPS can compare their performances to players of the same age and standard, as well as the professional players they aspire to be.

PitcheroGPS trackers complement Pitchero’s existing website and membership platform, which serves over 70,000 teams.

Pitchero CEO Mark Fletcher said: “When we go running or cycling, we record our performances and track our progress as we become fitter and faster.

“It should be no different when we play team sports. Players of all ages want to track their progress and see their performances improve week to week.

“We give every player professional-level metrics, stunning heatmaps and trend charts in an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile app.”

Fletcher says PitcheroGPS was created with two objectives.

“First, to help every player become fitter and faster. These attributes are shared across every team sport. Every player can improve their speed with the right training and tracking.

“Second, to benchmark players by comparing their data with teammates, rivals and professional players. Most players have no idea how good they are or where they stand amongst rivals.”

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