New product offers clean bill of health for gyms

Burgess Hill-based, environmentally-friendly manufacturer Bio-Productions has launched its new Ultimate Gym Cleaner.

It represents a fresh era for keeping all surfaces in the gym spick and span and squeaky clean. But more than that, its green credentials will ensure that the environment doesn’t have to suffer as a consequence.

Best of all, the team at Ultimate Warrior Training, just a few doors away from Bio-Productions HQ, have been putting the new product through its paces. It takes a lot to impress these professionals who are used to generating results and take health and cleanliness very seriously indeed.

David Shaldoum, Ultimate Warrior Training Director, said: “As a fitness centre with hundreds of people coming through our doors daily, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. It’s normally the first thing a person notices in a gym. When we were introduced to the Ultimate Gym Cleaner, we were at first dubious because we have been promised similar results in the past from other companies. Unlike any other cleaner or gym cleaner I have used, the UGC only requires one spray to clean some of the most awkward gym equipment and leaves the equipment smelling super fresh!”

Bio-Productions new Ultimate Gym Cleaner is a neutral multi-purpose cleaner designed to thoroughly clean floors, walls and all surfaces within gyms, leisure centres, health suites and spas.

It offers excellent and speedy soil removal, saving time and labour, has a pleasant fresh fragrance and most importantly doesn’t leave behind harmful residues. The formulation is Ideal for cleaning all surfaces safely (floors, walls, paintwork) including rubber matting and equipment and can be used by hand or machine.

The Ultimate Warrior Training gym, offered the perfect testing ground for Bio-Productions’ latest product.

The gym is well-known by the team at BP HQ, as many of them work out at the facility – a visionary fitness centre with a huge warehouse style main training area, an exclusive personal training studio and HIIT training studio.

Innovative in its field, Ultimate Warrior Training prides itself on being the most dynamic fitness company in Mid Sussex. It offers every aspect of fitness at its state-of the-art centre on the Victoria Estate in Burgess Hill, from hard-hitting bootcamp and HIIT classes to fitness boxing and kids’ bootcamp classes as well as corporate fitness programmes and elite personal training services.

But more than that, its expert trainers will effectively challenge, motivate and support clients to achieve their own fitness goals at their own pace. The team promises levels of fitness that client’s may not believe they are capable of with results that will enhance wellbeing physically and mentally.

All of this combined with the client comfort of knowing their workout is supported by a clean, fresh, healthy environment.

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