New sports app to provide the ultimate coaching xperience

The world of sports coaching is set to be transformed with the launch of oneXp, an interactive new app-based booking, payment and analysis platform giving sporting professionals the chance to take full control of their business online from just one portal.

The inspiration of Steve Bainbridge – a golf professional and elite coach for more than 34 years – oneXp is among the world’s most sophisticated new coaching tools, allowing coaches and consumers to get the most from their sporting experience with the minimum of fuss.

Managing bookings, availability, pricing, shop, promotions, video capture, split-screen video coaching and social media interaction are among the many features available on the app, while users will also be able to manage payments and their accounting requirements with the platform’s state-of-the-art software.

Launched and available to coaches and clients from March 7, oneXp’s technology can be used in any sport, with the initial focus on the golf and tennis markets, with the site also being made available to teams and academies.

Bainbridge, chief executive of oneXp, who has worked with a number of leading players on the European Tour during his career, said: “I’ve been involved in coaching for many years and have used all kinds of technology and platforms to coach and service my clients but the perfect solution for a one-stop shop has never been created until now.

“The beauty of the oneXp app is that it has been created so that everyone that manages, coaches, practises or enjoys sport can use it. It can be used for any sport, from golf, tennis and table tennis to basketball, athletics and swimming, and the great thing is that all the information is available in just one place.

“It’s well known by anyone that plays sport that they can improve with the use of technology. The key to this is useful data and simplifying its delivery to users. That data is important, but people also care more about experiences and, by focusing on each user’s role and desired results, we can deliver fantastic outcomes for all participants, all at their fingertips.”

Bainbridge has developed oneXp in partnership with Nebula Labs, an award-winning software house based in the north-east of England.

Available to coaches for a fee of £49 per month, with their clients receiving the app free of charge, the platform is easy to use, enabling coaches, clients, supporters and brands to connect so that they can improve their communication with each other in their chosen sport.

Key features of the oneXp coaching app include:

Booking – The most functional and easy to use form on the coaching market, the oneXp booking-platform software allows the coach to control the diary and create offers and packages for clients. In addition, there is a voucher and discount function for coaches to offer different promotions at different times of the year.

Payment and accounting system – This allows the coach to receive all payments for lessons or shop purchases. oneXp offers two major global payment systems. Coaches can then use the accounting side of the system to create and send monthly reports direct to their accountant.

Video capture – As well as all the usual options to video, edit, voice over and split screen, the app allows two phones to sync into the app at the same time. We are also working to add 3D to the platform. We have worked tirelessly to make the easiest most efficient platform for coach and client user with the best flow of usage.

Online lessons – Sessions can be booked through the app, simply at the touch of a button.

Invites – Coaches have the opportunity to set up as many groups as they need to interact with their clients.
Social media integration.

Reporting – A wide range of different options are available, helping coaches to analyse their business in more detail and become more efficient. This will help the coaches save time, increase interaction and make more money.

Bainbridge added: “oneXp really is the ultimate app for coaches, and we’re keen for every coach in the UK, Europe and beyond to experience its numerous benefits.

“In time, we want to reach out to every sports coach globally, but golf and tennis seemed to be the obvious choices to start with. It’s our aim to build the world’s best social platform in sport and we’re looking forward to taking our product to market over the months.”

For more information on oneXp and to sign up, go to

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