New sports equipment brand Shoshin has launched

Shoshin, a new sports equipment brand aimed at grassroots clubs and schools, has launched offering products to help players improve their health, wellbeing and sports skills.

Shoshin provides high-quality sports equipment, coaching resources and kit which focuses on developing and improving individuals and teams through its equipment. It has been launched by leading educational resources supplier Findel.

The brand has launched competitively priced products across a range of sports including football, rugby, netball and basketball. Products include training and match balls; coaching resources such as bibs, cones and kicking tees; and accessories such as storage and kit bags.

Derived from the Japanese concept of “beginner’s mindset”, Shoshin was chosen because it taps into a shared belief of how mastering sport is about always looking to improve and to do so, requires people to embrace a beginner’s mind.

Put simply, it means every time an individual trains, competes, teaches or coaches, they are looking to be better than they were yesterday.

All the respective sports’ balls have been designed with durability and performance front of mind. Shoshin’s footballs come with a hard-wearing outer which has been kick-tested more than 2,000 times, whilst the rugby balls are made with a blended rubber outer for longer life and extra durability.

Both the training and match balls for netball and basketball feature specialised grip patterns to improve handling, control and overall dexterity.

As part of the product development cycle, Shoshin reviewed every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure the final products were delivered as sustainably as possible. All plastic product packaging has been replaced with 100 per cent compostable and recyclable materials.

Shoshin products will be available to purchase exclusively through Findel-owned sports retailer Davies Sports.

Heva Simpson, head of buying at Shoshin said: “We understand the transformative power of physical education and sport and are passionate about nurturing the next generation of young athletes.

“Shoshin embodies this ethos. Our high-quality, durable, and accessible equipment has been designed to support young people’s development and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and fuel their passion for sports.

“Our goal is to become a trusted teammate and partner to schools and colleges, as well as grassroot clubs and their teams, to help unlock the sporting potential in children of all ages and abilities.

“Shoshin’s brand positioning line is ‘Ready to play. Set to improve’. We look forward to empowering, developing and motivating young people, teachers and coaches to realise their potential with the support of our high-quality, high-performance equipment.”

For more information on Shoshin and to view its full product range and prices, visit

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