New sustainable PUMA store made from old DVD players and bikes

PUMA has opened a store in India made from old DVD players, bicycles and tiffin boxes.

Located in the Bangalore suburb of Indiranagar, the 800sq m outlet has been designed so that more than 90 per cent of the interior has direct access to natural daylight.

The highly insulated building shell enables cooling without the need for air conditioning, while the fixtures and fittings have been made from recycled wood and low volatile organic compound paint has been used on the store’s walls.

The sustainable PUMA store is also 100 per cent solar powered, as solar photovoltaic cells provide 10,384 kwh units of energy a year.

Occupancy sensors provide automatic on/off control, so that lights are used only when a room is occupied.

“In keeping with our mission of becoming the most desirable and sustainable sportlifestyle company, PUMA is happy to take this pioneering step forward for the retail industry,” says Franz Koch, CEO of PUMA.

“Establishing a sustainable PUMA store underlines our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, energy, water and waste in PUMA offices, stores, warehouses and direct supplier factories by 2015.”

The porotherm blocks used to construct the shell of the building have been made using silt from the lakes in Kunigal, situated 80km to the north west of Bangalore.

These lakes are the only source of water for villages in Kunigal and are desilted every year to increase the water table.

The silt usually ends up as waste, but has been used as a valuable resource in the Indiranagar store.

“The building is a true design marvel and incorporates a host of innovative sustainability features to make it a one of a kind retail experience,” says Rajiv Mehta, managing director of PUMA South Asia.

“We are pleased to be a pioneer in sustainability, setting new standards for an environmentally friendly and resource saving store concept in one of India’s best shopping locations.”

The store will retail a range of products made from organic cotton, as well as PUMA’s Wilderness Collection, a line primarily sourced and produced in Africa using sustainable materials.

It also houses PUMA’s global ‘Bring Me Back’ initiative, an in-store recycling programme for footwear, apparel and soft accessories.

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