Nike launches Nike Training Club Workouts on Netflix

To expand access to sport for all athletes, Nike is launching an initiative with Netflix to offer Nike Training Club (NTC) content for Netflix members to stream starting December 30, 2022.

Netflix’s more than 223 million worldwide members will have access to NTC programs that cater to all fitness levels, require minimal to no equipment, and span yoga, strength and high-intensity workouts. Each NTC training program will include multiple episodes, totalling more than 30 hours of sessions released on Netflix in two parts. Nike will launch five training programs at the end of December, and additional programs will launch throughout 2023. Members will be able to access curated programs or select workouts by type or duration, and the programming will be available in 10 languages via all Netflix plans. The new initiative will feature a custom Nike collection on Netflix. Members can also search “Nike” to find the workouts.

Made for everybody and every body, NTC is the ultimate training partner, providing outstanding guidance, inspiration and motivation to help all athletes reach their fitness goals. The NTC workouts offered in the Netflix collection feature a dozen of Nike’s world-class trainers, including Kirsty Godso and Betina Gozo. The training focuses on bringing the joy of sport and movement to people around the world and helps serve the future of sport by meeting athletes where they are.

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