Nikwax Launches The #DoMoreWithNikwax Campaign

To encourage others to get outside and do more Nikwax have launched the #DoMoreWithNikwax challenge, that sees three world class athletes ride 7,000km, hike 7,000m and camp throughout Europe this summer, showing us that whatever the weather you can do more, with Nikwax.

They will be posting daily updates using the hashtag #DoMoreWithNikwax so make sure you follow for news.

They will be regularly updating with rider information, the route and the latest stories from the trip. The route from each day will be uploaded at the end of every day.
Each rider will be cycling over 300km each day, for 15 hours a day, camping each night and then hiking the highest peak in the country. The athletes who will take on this inspiring challenge are Fredrika Ek, Markus Stitz and Jenny Tough.

Markus Stitz holds an unusual World Record. Markus saw many people attempting to break the record for circumnavigating the world on bike. He has always liked to do things differently so in 2016 he set the world record for circumnavigating the world on a single speed (one gear) bike, a record he still holds today.

Fredrika Ek has spent the last two and a half years bike packing around the world. She has been through 45 countries and covered over 50,000km, earning her the title of European Adventurer of the Year. Fredrika set off riding not for speed but for chasing infinity, she loves the idea of being on a never-ending journey, which is how she ended up spending over 1,000 days living from her bike.

Jenny Tough is tough by name and nature. She grew up in Canada and travels the world chasing adventure and taking part in endurance racing. One of her major projects right now is running solo and unsupported across a mountain range on every continent around the world.

Thursday 12th July – Riding begins with Markus Stitz at Dover Castle, UK, riding through Nikwax HQ in Wadhurst at 10am and ending in Leicester, UK.
Friday 13th July – Leicester, UK – Keswick, UK.
Saturday 14th July – Keswick, UK – Fort William, UK.
Sunday 15th July – Markus will take part in the Nikwax Hydrophobic Down floating sleeping bag challenge, then will hike the highest peak in the UK, Ben Nevis.
Monday 16th July – Fort William, UK – Holy Island, UK.
Tuesday 17th July – Holy Island, UK – Hull, UK.
The crew will travel from Hull, UK to Groningen, Netherlands overnight Thursday 17th July.
Wednesday 18th July – Fredrika Ek takes over riding in Groningen, Netherlands to Bremen, Germany.
Thursday 19th July – Bremen, Germany – Vejle, Denmark.
Friday 20th July – Vejle, Denmark – Hirtshals, Denmark.
Saturday 21st July – Larvik, Norway – Bagn, Norway.
Sunday 22nd July – Bagn, Norway – Fossbergom, Norway.
Monday 23rd July – Fredrika will take part in the Nikwax Hydrophobic Down floating sleeping bag challenge, then will hike the highest peak in the Scandinavia, Galdhoppigen.
Tuesday 24th July – Fossbergom, Norway – Oslo, Norway.
Wednesday 25th July – Oslo, Norway – Gothenburg, Sweden.
Thursday 26th July – Jenny Tough will take over riding in Gothenburg, Sweden – Koge, Denmark.
Friday 27th July – Koge, Denmark – Havelberg, Germany.
Saturday 28th July – Havelberg, Germany – Coburg, Germany.
Sunday 29th July – Coburg, Germany – Eibsee, Germany.
Monday 30th July – Jenny will take part in the Nikwax Hydrophobic Down floating sleeping bag challenge, then will hike the highest peak in the Germany, Zugspitze.
Tuesday 31st July – Eibsee, Germany – Stuttgart, Germany.
Wednesday 1st Aug – Stuttgart, Germany – Cologne, Germany.
Thursday 2nd Aug – Cologne, Germany – Rotterdam, Netherlands, where the challenge will end at De Rotte.

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