Nordic walking has appeared in our world rather recently and at first caused surprise, bewilderment, and question – and where are the skills? But gradually everyone got used to people walking with poles, and it became something self-evident. So, how about a Nordic walking training and not sitting at home with Bob Casino Canada or other activities at home.

Support when walking has been used by mankind at all times, but it was not until 1940 that support walking became a form of physical activity in its own right. To stay in shape during the summer, Finnish Nordic skiers started to train with poles during the warmer months. And Mark Kantan wrote the very first complete beginners’ manual and at the same time patented the name of the new sport – Nordic walking, and now Nordic walking is an exercise in its own right with lots of variations, and as a competitive sport.

Doctors recommend Nordic walking with poles to strengthen the cardiovascular system because this physical activity is nothing less than good cardio. The process of training strengthens the muscles of the shoulder girdle, which in normal life is practically not involved if a person does not attend regularly the gym.
It is the most suitable option for weight loss, especially for people who are overweight, because during normal exercise or normal walking there is a big load on the knee joints, and when using the sticks this load is also distributed on the hands, unloading the knees.
Nordic walking is also perfect for the elder people and office workers who spend all day at the monitor and most of them have a slouch. However, Nordic walking can cause harm only if the wrong equipment and wrong technique to perform.

An important point – it is better to start Nordic walking with a competent instructor because with the wrong technique such load can cause damage to the joints and lead to the formation of muscle cramps. Before you begin classes, you should consult a doctor and get his recommendations on the intensity of exercise.

Nordic walking poles are better not to replace ski poles because they have their characteristics. A ski pole is longer by design, so the load on the joints of the hands will increase, the height of Nordic walking poles is shorter by 15-20 centimetres.
All walking poles are divided into two types – folding and fixed. Fixed ones are more reliable and less prone to breakage, but, unlike folding ones, they take up a lot of space when transported. But if you train regularly and often, it is better to buy a fixed version. The poles themselves can be made of different materials, the main three are aluminium, fibreglass and carbon.

Clothing for Nordic walking should be comfortable, not cramped movements and appropriate for the time of year. The best option is to dress for jogging, as warming will provoke profuse sweating during physical activity, and there is a risk of getting cold if you’re exercising in the winter. A good option is thermal underwear, a lightweight fleece jacket and windproof outerwear. In summer, a full outfit is not necessary, breathable shorts and a T-shirt are enough.
So, at first, Nordic walking was perceived as a sport for the elderly, but more and more people realize that this is far from being the case. More and more often you can meet young people walking with sticks in the company, and it’s just great. Such exercise helps to extend youth, maintain health and bring back an optimistic attitude because moderate physical activity produces endorphins, which give the same charge of positive energy. Stay healthy and keep fit!

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