NURVV Run introduces ground-breaking Running Economy and Form Coach

NURVV Run has announced the latest update to their innovative NURVV Run smart insole technology with the launch of Running Economy and Form Coach.

The combination of these two new features will provide runners with a 360-degree performance analysis for the first time; and coach runners on how to improve their running performance.

The first of its kind for the running industry – NURVV Run will now allow users to gain unprecedented insight into their running economy – once only available to professional athletes or those in a lab.

NURVV has introduced these two new features to further enhance runners’ ability to train, improve their efficiency, and speed. The additional data offers detailed insights as training takes place, unlocking users’ potential for greater performance.

The first update is the introduction of Running Economy, a metric that measures the energy cost of running. , Running Economy is for runners similar to the miles per gallon rating of a vehicle. The better the running economy, the more efficient and effective a runner becomes. Improving running economy can make a world of difference to performance. For example, improved economy can delay the onset of fatigue, allow a runner to run further or help them to increase their pace across their chosen distance, all by helping them to use their energy more effectively.

The new Form Coach will harness the data of Running Economy and help users to improve their running economy via a simple three step process:

Step 1 – Form Coach analyses the user’s running to identify common pace ranges that they run in frequently.

Step 2 – Once the user’s pace ranges are found, Form Coach gives the user simple results showing for each pace range they run in whether a Running Economy improvement can be made and, if so, how much time they may be able to shave off during their runs by improving their Running Economy.

Step 3 – The user selects a pace range they want to improve in. Form Coach gives them a choice of form factors to work on and creates a personalised NURVV workout to help them adjust their running form, improve their Running Economy and progress their running performance.

A further improvement will see Training Blocks introduced to Form Coach, so that NURVV will not only create personalised workouts but also guide the user through progressive Training Blocks designed to improve Running Economy.

Jason Roberts, founder of NURVV Run, said of the launch: “We are incredibly proud to be offering runners cutting-edge features that ultimately helps them to unlock their running potential. Running Economy and Form Coach will help facilitate runners to go further and faster, complementing the existing features of NURVV Run to give a complete picture of their performance.”

These updates will be available from 24th February for all NURVV Run users.

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