Nutrabolt joins How2Recycle program to empower consumer recycling with enhanced labelling

Nutrabolt, a global active health and wellness company, joined the How2Recycle labelling program. How2Recycle is a non-profit-led organization that empowers consumer recycling by providing clear recycling instructions on product packaging.

As part of Nutrabolt’s ongoing commitment to serve its people, communities, and our planet, the company will update all packaging to meet How2Recycle’s package labelling standards to help create a responsible choice for consumers. This revised packaging initiative with How2Recycle aims to eliminate customer confusion through labelling that clearly conveys how best to dispose of all C4, Cellucor, and XTEND packaging.

Nutrabolt’s How2Recycle-labeled product rollout began in August as two of its products (C4® SuperSport and C4 Ripped® SuperSport pre-workout) entered Walmart stores. More newly packaged products debuted this month and will be released and throughout the next year to cover all products in the company’s portfolio.

“Our customers and our people care about what we’re doing for the planet, and Nutrabolt is proud to begin our partnership with How2Recycle,” says Nutrabolt President of Sales & Marketing, John Herman. “Iconic packaging innovation is f¬¬oundational to our brands, and it’s exciting to extend our innovative approach to packaging toward a greater purpose and a healthier environment. It’s our responsibility to drive this message within our industry, and we’re honoured to partner with other organizations dedicated to empowering a responsible, thoughtful consumer.”

How2Recycle and its standardized labelling system includes a coalition of forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be appropriately disposed of and sets out to empower consumers through smart labelling. Together with How2Recycle, Nutrabolt is working to increase the likelihood for customers to recycle all packaging within their product portfolio and contribute to an overall increase in the availability and quality of recycled material.

Today, How2Recycle has grown to over 450 brand and retailer members and has issued more than 100,000 design recommendations to its members to encourage recycling of their packaging by end consumers. Nutrabolt’s membership in the How2Recycle program is one of many steps in the company’s environmental sustainability strategy and showcases its commitment to becoming an environmental leader in the active health and wellness space.

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