Odlo introduces wearable heating technology

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, the wait for frictionless, personalised and highly adaptable sportswear has been far too long.

Not one to back down from a challenge, ODLO’s innovative product team has developed I-THERMIC: An intelligent thermal technology midlayer that regulates heat via an integrated app.

Combining Clim8’s advanced intelligent thermal technology and MAS Holdings’ Twinery innovation arm, ODLO’s I-THERMIC uses the most advanced active heating textiles available to give wearers full control of their personal microclimate. This added control also reduces the need for extra layers during winter sports, thus avoiding overdressing and wet, cold, sweaty clothes.

ODLO Brand Director, Timo Pape said: “Effective temperature control is important in colder weather, but also others kinds of outdoor activities and conditions. Whether you ski, climb or hike, nobody wants to look bulky, overheat, freeze or constantly remove layers. I-THERMIC gives you the freedom and lightness. With ODLO I-THERMIC your ski day will not be ruined.”

Developed in collaboration with the world’s most advanced garment partners and manufacturers, I-THERMIC integrates Clim8’s intelligent technology platform to detect fluctuations in skin temperature and activity levels. Then, based off a smart thermal algorithm, conducts heat through Twinery’s seamlessly woven copper wiring to regulate and maintain the ideal temperature as set by the user in the integrated app.
Worn as a midlayer, I-THERMIC’s washing-machine-safe battery pack provides four hours of continuous heating, which, when applied via the thermal algorithm, results in more than enough heat for a regular day of stop-and-go activity on the slopes, track or trail.

The integrated Clim8 app is where users can personalise their I-THERMIC, setting preferred temperature ranges and easily adjusting for on-the-fly heating.

In the age of climate change, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) frictionless, personalized and highly adaptable wearable heating technology is the natural next step. ODLO I-THERMIC delivers the smart layering solution to active people who love cold weather sports.

The era of smart wearables is upon us, and ODLO I-THERMIC is an extension of this revolution. Providing a seamlessly integrated and personalised layering system, I-THERMIC is the perfect solution for people who love winter sports but don’t like getting cold, overheating or carrying around extra layers.

Not too hot, not too cold, just right – this is the future of intelligent thermal technology. This is ODLO I-THERMIC.

I-THERMIC was recognized at two key Trade Shows in the US and Europe. The first award was presented at CES in Las Vegas and it was followed by a Gold Winner Award at 2019 ISPO in Munich.

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